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by Alice Di Carlo, 2019

(photo by Gabriella Gardosi)


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Alice Di Carlo, a visual artist of Italian origin, was born in Pescara on 12 September 1985. She attended the Gabriele D’Annunzio Liceo Classico in Pescara. In 2004 she moved to Barcelona, ​​where she started painting on her own. From 2008 she attended the course of Applied Wall Art at the Massana School of Barcelona, ​​finishing her studies with a final pictorial and multidisciplinary project. During her studies she was assistant to the Catalan artist Evru, with whom she participated in group exhibitions in the Raiña Lupa Gallery, in the Arts Santa Mónica Museum and in other exhibition spaces. In 2013 she was the master’s apprentice in the Byzantine Mosaic technique: Bruno Zenobio. In 2014, with a project funded by the European Community, he started an e-commerce associated with a mosaic laboratory.

Currently she exhibits her artistic production in Italy and Barcelona and also creates mosaics for the covering and decoration of architectural spaces, implementing a technical and stylistic fusion of the Byzantine Mosaic with the Catalan Modernist Mosaic.